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A versatile viewer for on-chain art on the Cardano blockchain.

for on-chain art

Cardano's unique take on NFTs with native tokens makes it the perfect environment for on-chain art, but there needs to be a convention for on-chain storage.

The Venster Metadata Standard for on-chain NFTs focuses on simplicity, efficiency and diversity of tools.

for generative art

Generative art and blockchain technology make a perfect marriage, but storing all dependencies for a generative artwork on the blockchain isn't always an option.

Venster supports p5.js, among other popular tools, as well as server-side languages and custom implementations.

by artists, for artists

It takes an artist to know what artists need or want. Having built the infrastructure to release DendroRithms, we experienced first-hand what Cardano is missing.

With Venster, we're scratching our own itch. We're building the perfect viewer for on-chain and generative art.