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do you have a minting service?

While we currently don’t have a minting service, it’s in the planning for 2023. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start using today. One of the strengths of Cardano is that NFTs are not tied to a centralised service. So as long as you implement the Venster Metadata Standard correctly, you can mint your NFTs anywhere you want.

how can I register my project?

There are two ways to get your on-chain art project registered on The first is to hop into our on Discord. and head over to the ✅️-registry section. The other is to create a pull request on the venster-registry repo on GitHub.

what is monolithic on-chain?

Monolithic on-chain projects store all the necessary code in one single NFT. One advantage of this approach is that it’s easy to render by viewers, but it’s an inefficient use of block space because the same code is copied hundreds or thousands of times.

what is modular on-chain?

Modular on-chain projects store shared data in separate NFTs to avoid code duplication. Only what makes NFTs unique, or what constitutes the artwork, is stored in the NFTs buyers receive.

Pioneering artworks on Cardano using this approach are unsigned_algorithms and DendroRithms. The Venster Metadata Standard implements the same idea.

what is the Venster Metadata Standard?

The VMS is a standard for structuring NFT metadata. It’s an extension of the existing CIP 25 standard. Its main goal is to create a convention to store on-chain NFTs modularly to avoid code duplication and drastically reduce the amount of data stored. It also describes a way to reference external dependencies that are difficult or impossible to store on-chain.

is there a CIP for the VMS?

We’re still in the process of fine-tuning the Venster Metadata Standard. Before creating a CIP (Cardano Improvement Proposal), we want to ensure it’s battle-tested, fully-featured and polished. So, while there isn’t a CIP yet, we plan to create one later in 2023.

do you have examples for the VMS?

Currently, there aren’t yet any projects using the VMS. But you can find examples under this policy. The source of those examples is also available in the venster-examples GitHub repo. If you have any questions, you can also reach out on Discord.

why Cardano?

Cardano is an oddball in the crypto space, but its differences are also its strengths. That’s especially true for NFTs with the implementation of native tokens. On Cardano, NFTs are not tied to smart contracts, which makes them more homogeneous. Anyone can mint an NFT anywhere, and if conventions are followed, they will be rendered correctly by any viewer. That’s a big plus for decentralisation.

what's your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is simple: we don’t track you or send any personally identifiable information to external services. The only service we use is, a privacy-friendly analytics program that doesn’t use cookies.

The only cookies we use are for the theme and wallet buttons in the upper right corner. They are purely for your convenience, so the app remembers your theme choice and connected wallet, nothing more. You can avoid those cookies by just not clicking on either button.

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